The adaptation period is about a couple of months, from 10 months old and before starting in our kindergarten, the boys and girls can come for hours and days of the week with the finality of familiarizing with Moms Montessori Kindergarten, the teachers and the methodology.

Also, you can count with this option during all year if it adapts to your needs, in order that the boy or girl can dispose of a weekly space where to socialize with other children.

Hour voucher

During this short period, we dispose of ahour voucher that you can use also the rest of the year, the days that you need that your child stays longer, or exchanging these for workshops or extracurricular activities that we offer at Moms Montessori out of the kindergarten schedule.

There are three voucher modalities:

30 hours (5€/hour).
15 hours (6€/hour).
6 hours (6,6€/hour).