Behavioural observation · MOMS MONTESSORI KINDERGARTEN

While the boys and girls develop, at Moms Montessori Kindergarten we do a behavioral observation in a very organic way, since while the children interact with us and other infants, we can assess their interactions, with the intention of detecting any alarming sign of cognitive disfunction or learning difficulties so that we can contact the parents right away and start working together as soon as possible.

Also, you can as for an appointment with our child psychologist in order to comment something you have observed, or if you need us to observe and ask for a first opinion or diagnosis.

Because we are a small Kindergarten, it’s easy for us to know the character and the necessities of each of our boys and girls, and the communication with the families is constant and close. We make the boy and girls of our kindergarten an extension of our family too, as when they visit their uncles, aunts or grandparents. And this secure atmosphere motivates them much more.

Moms Montessori team we also feel as some kind of a family, we appreaciate each other and work as a team, and that increases the security and peaceful sensation of our boys and girls.