Should we take our son to the psychologist?
When the child experiences a difficult event, such as the death of a relative, the separation of parents, etc. and we detect difficulties in certain milestones in the child’s development or behavior. And if he presents a poor school performance or isolates himself and does not want to play, with frequent mood swings.

How does child therapy work?
It usually begins with an interview with the parents to gather information prior pregnancy, during and how the first years developed.

Afterwards, you work with the child through play, since its constructive and it’s open nature is ideal for generating the necessary trust.
The game is a tool, through which the psychologist can observe the child express his / her emotions, generating the open context that will facilitate the process.

The duration of the therapy can be from an orientation of a couple of consultations to give the parents the appropriate tips for the circumstance, to an accompaniment of a few months to overcome the different challenges / stages the child is facing.

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