Life in family requires self-knowledge by the parents part.
And much more now, when everything around us is so convulse.
We are the rol models of our kids, a good education starts by well-balanced parents.

The welcoming of a new-born at home can generate stressful situations in areas such as life as couple, behavioural problems of a sibling o imbalance in our emotional world.

Other times we face certain problem in our day to day life that affects us personaly and we can feel distress, with fear and lost. In this moments we can start looking in another way, ask us for what of what’s happening through a profound comprehension of the energies that are moving around us, accomplish a balanced state that can allow us to make decisions.

With the purpose that you can build a persona and family life in coherence, we offer the coaching service so that through your own tools you can manage these challenges that life present us.

Are you interested in the Moms Montessori’s coaching service at Mataró or do you have any doubt we can resolve?

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