There are three groups organized by ages and stages:

1rst group: from 1 to 2 year olds (8 children)
2nd group: from 2 to 4 year olds (10 children)
3rd group: from 4 to 6 year olds (10 children)

1st group

The most little ones are taken care of by Ingrid, our Early Childhood Educator.

2nd and 3rd group

The second and third group are taken care of Alexander, our child psychologist, native English speaker and musician and Yaiza, our Pedadogue and teacher. Between both impart they impart to our boys and girls our learning method in all the areas.

During school holidays, our kindergarten is closed, but we offer camps, so the children can still continue assisting to Moms Montessori Christmas, Easter and Summer camp. The children from our school get special discounts in camps, extracurricular activitiesand workshops.

Learning day to day habits

We dispose of a serie of self-creation books and songs that motivates our boys and girls to evolve in their challenges, like leaving behind the nappy and asking to go to the toilet encouraging esphynter control or not relaying so much of the dummy.

Managing emotions and feeling

If there are changes at home, like the birth of a sibling, the separation of the parents othe missing of an important member for them, like a grandparent and others, etc., we help you to manage these emotions that emerge with these changes and adapt to the new realities, amb with Alexander’s help (child psychologist) and Sonia (family and intrapersonal coach).

If you are interested, contact with us and we will make arrive our education project.